Cally Collective

The Cally Collective was set up in December 2017. A group of enthusiastic amateurs with little formal experience but a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Some people like to talk about making movies, we just like to get on and make them!

The Longest Time (2018)

“A boldly designed short film – a kick ass cast (yes, we’re biased), slickly cut, creative cinematography and a great moody score. Also, and most importantly, a fantastic use of a minimalist budget and tight schedule.”
Monkey Bread Tree Awards Summer 2018

Directed and Written by Kevin Rainey
Produced by Salena Katiyar

Martha - Susie Coreth
Quinn - Start Walker

Assistant Director - Joe Button
Director of Photography - Samuel Saunders
Assistant Camera - Charles Normsaskul
Boom operator - Rashdan Radha
Editor - Kevin Rainey
Make-up - Namiva Mua